Bloodied, but unbowed : a memoir of the Ashur & Arshaluys Yousuf family / Alice Nazarian ; translated by Ishkhan Jinbashian ; edited by Arda Darakjian Clark.
Författare: Nazarian, Alice 1910-1976 (Författare/medförfattare)
Medarbetare: Jinbashian, Ishkhan (Översättare)
Medarbetare: Darakjian Clark, Arda (Utgivare, redaktör, sammanställare)
Utgivningsår: [2018]
Språk: Engelska
Hylla: Koa
Medietyp: Bok
Upplaga: First edition
Förlag: Nineveh Press
ISBN: 9789198410198
Originaltitel: Aryunot zhpite
Omfång: xx, 424 pages illustrations 22 cm
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Introduction to the English Translation xi Foreword to the English Translation xv Author’s Preface xvii Foreword xiv PART I —The Journey of Arshaluys Yousuf 21 Arshaluys Yousuf: Biographical Notes 23 The Ruined Hut 27 The Chill of Death 32 From Terror to Life 35 A Brute’s Disappointment 38 A Lion on the Run 43 An Unexpected Blow 46 The Labyrinth of Hope 50 Coincidence 54 Courage Prevails 58 A Horrific Sight 62 A Great Disappointment 69 One More Tree Was Felled 74 Toward Hope 76 A Brush with Death 78 Farewell, Kharpert 81 A Ghostly Encounter 85 Fortune Smiles 88 A Foamy Wave 90 A Splinter of Pain 92 A Page from My Teenage Woes 95 A Business Initiative 101 A Snake in the Grass 104 A New Life in Homs 118 A Fateful Acquaintance 120 A Broken Promise 147 My Mother’s Commandments 152 Nurturing Hope and Optimism 158 Hut or Mansion? 160 My Brother’s Marriage 163 A Daughter Inherits Her Mother’s Fate 166 Maro, Beloved Daughter and Sister 171 A Dreadful Dream 174 Omens 177 The Warning 180 The Vanishing of Happiness 182 The Irreparable Loss 191 Return of the Lioness 194 To the Iron Curtain 196 A Poignant Scene 199 Separation 200 Their Destinies Converged 202 Last Hopes Smothered 206 Of Resilience and Verve 208 A Son’s Tale 214 PART II—A Tribute to My Father, Ashur Yousuf 221 Editor’s Introduction 223 Author’s Introduction 225 A Brief History of My Father’s Family 227 Biography of Abraham Yousuf 255 Mourning a Great Loss 257 Ashur Yousuf—Obituary, Tributes, and Odes 260 Obituary 261 Ashur S. Yousuf 262 Ashur Effendi S. Yousuf 266 The Assyrian Tiger 269 The Greatest Loss 272 It is Well To Mourn for a Good and Patriotic Man 275 He Died, But His Memory Lives On 279 The Immortal Assyrian “Actor” 281 The Ignoble Night 284 In Memoriam: Ashur S. Yousuf 289 Prof. Ashur Yousuf of Harpoot 292 Ode—Untitled 293 An Ode to My Teacher, Ashur Yousuf 294 Ashur Yousuf 295 Ode—Untitled 296 Ode to Ashur Effendi S. Yousuf 297 Ashur Yousuf’s Poetry—Written in Armenian 298 Ashur Yousuf’s
Poetry—Written in Turkish 306 Ashur Yousuf’s Prose Writings 312 What Is Behind the Cultural Stagnation of the Assyrians? 313 Some Means for the Eradication of Alcoholism 318 Make the Home Attractive 324 Murshid Athuriyon 328 Letters from Arshaluys Yousuf 330 Letter One—To the Assyrian Five Association 331 Letter Two—To an Unidentified Friend 334 A Dream of a Long Journey 336 APPENDICES 353 Descendants of Ashur and Arshaluys Yousuf 355 Endnotes 399 Family Photos 403 Selected Further Reading List 423

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